Recent Trader Joe’s Finds

Happy (almost) Weekend, everyone! I hope you have something fun planned for the “unofficial start of summer.” I am headed off to The Sanctuary Resort on Kiawah Island to celebrate my mom’s birthday and cannot be more anxious to get out of my work seat!
Before I head off for the weekend, I wanted to share a couple of recent, favorite Trader Joe’s finds. 
Trader Joe’s General Tsao Sauce
Throw this baby on some ground chicken and sautee some veggies and you have the easiest weeknight dinner of all time! I used it in my Chicken Lettuce cups featured here. 
Trader Joe’s Granola Bars
Hayden introduced me to Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond granola bars and I swear I could live off of them. They are the easiest grab and go snack & satisfy a simple sweet tooth too! Breakfast, Lunch or Snack these are a staple in my pantry. 
Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai
Normally I don’t gravitate towards a prepared frozen meal, but I had to try this Pad Thai when I was checking out one Sunday and asked the cashier (who had been working at TJ’s for 12 years) what her favorite item in the store was. She told me about this Pad Thai and I have to say I was extremely impressed! Talk about a quick meal – especially with a quick bag of microwavable edamame.
Trader Joe’s Cowboy Bark
This bag contains all of my favorite things into one place. Dark Chocolate, Pretzels, Toffee, Sea Salt – could you honestly think of anything more delicious? Let me make this easy for you – no, its absolutely impossible.
Trader Joe’s Parmasean Ranch
What could be better than Ranch Dressing? TJ’s Parmesean Ranch dressing. One of my good friend’s here in Charlotte introduced me to this dressing when we cooked a sweet potato skillet together just two weeks ago. It is the perfect amount of creamy combined with the perfect amount of cheese. Mind. Blown.

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