4 Ingredient Dinner: Asian Lettuce Cups

Trader Joe’s has done it again. They have helped me create the easiest, most delicious, healthy weeknight meal. After a weekend of laying around, I couldn’t wait to get off work for my favorite workout of the week, Athletic Conditioning at the local Y. The down side? I don’t get back until 8pm and find it hard to cook a meticulous meal. 
Instead of takeout, I have been finding easy-to-make meals and this is by far one of the juiciest. And by juiciest, I mean best. 
All you need:
– 1 Head of Romaine Lettuce
– 1 Bag Shredded Carrots
– 1 Package Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins
– 1 Jar Trader Joe’s General Tso’s Sauce
– I added diced yellow onion, but this is totally optional!
To Make:
1. Warm pan with a splash of oil on the stove. 
2. Add diced onion. 
3. While onion is cooking, dice chicken breasts into small chunks & add to hot pan. 
4. Once chicken is cooked through, add about 1/2 cup General Tso’s sauce & let simmer.
5. Add shredded carrots. 
6. Spoon mixture into rinsed lettuce cups. 
7. Serve!
So. Easy. 
If I were to make this again (which, I probably will next week and the week after that) I want to try this with ground chicken instead of tediously chopping up the chicken breasts. Adding water chestnuts next time too! Honestly, just drooling thinking about making it again…
The best part? I didn’t feel like I over indulged as per usual. After two lettuce cups I was feeling full without feeling blah. It was light, summery, fresh & healthy. Take that Monday!
I served with edamame & soy sauce (I eat edamame like popcorn and more times than not have the hardest time stopping). It would also be delicious with mini eggrolls or rice. 

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