Find of the Week: T3 Hairdryer

I want to start my first blog “series” as I am constantly inspired by the blogs I follow and always look forward to the next installments of their normally weekly series. After soaking in the thought and trying to think of something I wanted to hone in on, the only decision I could make is that I couldn’t narrow anything down. And now this is what it turned in to. From now on, “Find of the Week” will feature everything from products, to recipes, to clothes, to local Charlotte spots. I am hoping you will enjoy them as much as I do!
This week, I wanted to feature my new T3 Haidryer. If you’re like me, you find yourself constantly putting stress on your locks whether it be a hairdryer, a straightener, a curling iron, or dreadfully tying it up in knots for the bulk of the day. When I heard that T3 creates a drying experience that is healthier for your hair than air drying it immediately jumped to the top of my “to buy” list. 
When I first read about the hairdryer I heard that it emitted the fancy kinds of ions which promised to rapidly dry thick hair, seal the cuticle to lock in moisture, enhance shine and diminish frizz. That’s amazing I thought, x’ing out of the website browser knowing that all of that sounded to good to be true. 
I am a personal testament that this is in fact 1000% true. After my first use, I barely had to straighten my normally wavy, out of control, frizzy hair. My locks felt light, healthy, and thankful that I switched from my old Chi Pro which got so hot it sometimes was hard to hold. 
The best part about this buy is that I got it on sale AND with a Gift with Purchase. Currently at Belk, the T3 is on sale for 25% off and with my employee discount and charity day deals, I got it for even less. For Mother’s Day, there was also a brush that came as a gift with the purchase that I am loving already. Though I love my Aveda Paddle Brush whole heartedly, ever since this arrived I have found myself sharing time between the two. 


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