5 Minute Room Makeover

I love my room. Something about it seems homey without feeling cluttered. However, because I am just one year out of school, I am constantly keeping my eyes open for additions that would add to the overall decor without keeping everything too matchy matchy. 
All inspiration credit for this accent rug addition goes to my roommate. Without seeing the one she displays in her room, I would have never thought of adding a rug on top of carpet. 
However, when I saw this accent rug at TJ Maxx this afternoon I couldn’t resist. I even picked it up and put it down after an internal struggle of decisions, just to come back 10 minutes later and decisively call it mine. At only $14.99, I honestly count resist. 
I think it adds so much character to the nook. It displays itself right when you walk through the door and showcases nicely next to my crisp, white comforter & coral and blue bed pillows. The multi texture is definitely in right now, too. 
Want to add an accent rug to your own space? Check these out – I am in love.
Hand Tufted Jay Ikat New Zelad Wool Rug

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