5 Things I Learned in Women’s Health this Month

1. May is National Loaded Potato Month. And I plan on celebrating with this delicious looking Apple & Turkey Bacon stuffed sweet potato!
2. We lose 10% of our cardiorespiratory fitness every decade after age 20. Good news is working out just 25 minutes three times a week at 70% of your max heart rate can help.
3. There are now fitness headphones that can help you through customized circuit workouts. They tell you when to switch exercises, when to rest, and (the best part) when you’re done. Plus, they’re wireless! 
Sabra Sport Coach Headphones $149.99
4. Bark’N’Borrow is an app that allows you to connect with local pet parents to set up doggy dates. Whether you need a friend for your pup or are lonely yourself without one, your personalized profile connects dog owners with dog loving borrowers & professional sitters.
5. There is a workout you can take with you anywhere. I actually tried this this morning as I knew the day wouldn’t allow time for a full blown workout. I walked away feeling stronger & satisfied – no more excuses!


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