2 Ingredient Breakfast: Mini Ham Biscuits

When it comes to birthdays at work, we tend to celebrate each other through a potluck breakfast. These breakfasts tend to be a time to catch up on non work related talk and enjoy each other’s company over tasty, easy to eat treats. 
I always have a hard time deciding what to bring. Coming home after a long day of work, gym, and dinner tends to take it out of me – to a point where I don’t even want to think about baking or cooking. 
Luckily, this morning, I got creative and used 2 common grocery store staples to create the perfect easy to eat and even easier to make treat. 
All you need for these Mini Ham Biscuits is two Pillsbury Grands Juniors biscuit cans & a half pound of sliced deli ham. Yep – that’s it for these itty-bitty, adorable little snacks.
Each of the cans come with five biscuits, but I cut each in half and pinched the cut ends to make even littler rounds. Totally, this made twenty biscuits. While the can recommends baking the biscuits for 8-10 minutes, mine only took 6 so be sure to keep a close eye on them!
After they were done, I turned my oven down to warm, layered on the sliced slivers of torn apart ham and warmed the ham biscuits in the oven. For easy presentation, I put them in a bread basket with a cute tea towel.
They truly were a hit & I will be making again. Enjoy!

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