White Noise

Sometimes work gets boring. So do long car rides and hate to break it to you, but even workouts can get long and drawn out. Just when everything started to become blah, I stumbled upon podcasts. Speakers that review Ted Talks, tell stories, investigate murders, and even Sunday sermons. Listening to these podcasts has brought productivity & interest to mindless tasks we sometimes rush through just to say that we did it. If you’re new to podcasts, let me help you get started. 
Podcasts can be found in the purple app on your iPhone that is physically impossible to delete (I tried once before I knew what they were in desperation to remove storage to take pictures of my food – is anyone really surprised?) 
The best ones can be found in the “Top Charts” section found at the bottom toolbar. At least, thats where I have found most of my favorites. However, if you’re looking for specific talks, use the search button in the bottom right hand corner. 
If you’re looking for something to make your hour stint on the elliptical fly by in approximately 20 seconds…
 try Serial Season 1. I know this because the first time I hesitantly experimented with the first episode, my normally 20 minute workout unknowingly turned into the longest I have ever stayed on a gym machine to this day. I. Couldn’t. Stop. Like to a point that I had to limit myself to one episode a day because it would have turned into a total binge that might have drawn tears as it came to a close. (think avid Harry Potter fan status).
ANYWAYS, Serial is a deep dive into the murder trial of Adnan, a high school boyfriend accused of murdering his girlfriend back in the 90s. Sounds scary, right? Wrong. The reporter who took it upon herself to investigate the case has found so many loopholes to the trial that it will leave you questioning Adnan’s sentence as well as his innocence. The podcast is like a rollercoaster for your brain. 
If you’re looking for something that will make you sound smarter than your coworkers…
 try Ted Radio Hour. These hour long podcasts skim over numerous Ted Talks focusing in on one central theme. They add value & interest to your life on anything from identifying Beauty, to capitolizing on amateurs, to the 7 deadly sins. I recommend these for work when you’re powering through mindless tasks that don’t take much thought. 
If you’re looking to listen with someone else…
try Radiolab. Hayden had me listen to Sight Unseen based on a real life dilemma of a war photographer trying to obtain approval to feature some pretty serious shots moments before death from a soldiers’s family. It makes you think in a situational circumstance and sparks conversations on long road trips. I’m new to this podcast (this was my first one, actually) so if it sucks, sorry in advance. 
If you’re looking for something that will make you want to rise up and do good…
 try Hope Community Church’s sermons. While these aren’t on the podcast app, they are easily streamed through your phone’s internet. This was the church I attended back in Raleigh. I still haven’t found one I love as much in Charlotte so every now and then I will get my fix by diving into the sermons online. Mike Lee, the lead pastor is about as funny as a pastor can get and he brings real Bible context into real life, situational circumstances. The sermons are really only about 30 minutes too, which means that in a short period of time you’re rocking and rolling and taking that spiritual lift you needed with you through the rest of your week. Oddly enough, I love to listen to these while cooking & cleaning around the house. For your first time, try these series: Summer Blockbusters , Life is Funny, and Life As We Know It
What podcasts are you loving?

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