Monthly Subscriptions

Lately, there has been a huge “whatever your heart desires of the month” kick. You can get everything from books to bacon – and I love it! Monthly subscriptions have always been my gift to myself. Something that I have to look forward to and most of the time they are things I wouldn’t try otherwise. Without them, life would be dull….and so would this blog considering a lot of what I post about are the products, foods, and ideas inspired by these subscriptions. What am I currently signed up for at the moment? Read on for my suggestions & personal favorites!
Women’s Health Magazine is something I don’t think I will ever give up. There is something about the feel of a true magazine in your hand that can’t be replaced by the current iPad & kindle trend. I love cuddling up with a cup of hot tea and reading every word front to back. Now that I am in the merchandising & cosmetics industries, I tend to dig so deep into every detail – even (and sometimes especially) the advertisements. From beauty, to fitness, to recipes at only $12 for a year subscription this is by far my favorite and I look forward to the new issues each month.
If you’ve read the blog, you probably know by now that Birch Box is a staple. I received this suggestion as a Christmas gift this past year and am already dreading when the subscription ends. Each month, I receive an assortment of mostly beauty product samples to try and review. With each review, you earn points which can later go towards your purchases. Through this subscription, I have found my favorite perfume, Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume & my favorite mask Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask. WARNING: once you sign up for Birch Box, there is a high chance you’ll become addicted!
I also received a subscription to Love with Food from the Parker’s for Christmas. Each month, I receive a red box filled with healthy, hard to find snacks to try. This kit has contained everything from a salmon baking kit (absolutely delicious) to Delicious Granola Bars, to a variety of candies that melt in your mouth. The snacks included in this subscription bring life to my lunches. Each month, the box also contains coupons for the included snacks to give customer’s incentive to buy their favorites. And I haven’t even mentioned the best part – with each delivered box or snack purchase, Love with Food donates a meal to feed a hungry child.
Friend’s Recommendations:
My mom started giving my brother Beer of the Month Club for Christmas each year after he turned 21. I ended up gifting the subscription to Hayden last year for his birthday. Both love the surprise each month. The box comes with an assortment of microbrewer beer to try and when signing up, they allow you to pick between domestic & international. While we keep it within the US, I am sure all flavors are an experience in themselves. The only downsides to this is that someone must be present to sign for the package when it is delivered & the price – at a steep $27.95 a month for a 12 pack assortment.
My roommate signed up today for the Book of the Month. Right now they are having a promotion that is 50% off of any subscription. She chose a three month subscription to get her through the necessary summer pool reads and received three hardback NY Times bestsellers for just $22.00. She also sent her referral code to her friends and with every subscription using the code, she earns a free book as well. Her picks today included A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of a Tragedy & A Thousand Naked Strangers. If this is enough to tempt you, make sure to use this referral code to thank her for allowing me to feature her in this post
What monthly subscriptions are your staples?

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