Restaurant Review: Catch

The places that instantaneously make your mouth water at the mere mention of the food are few are far between; however, I have one to add to your list. Catch located in Wilmington, NC is now topping my list of favorites of all time. While the atmosphere may look a little deceiving, the flavors of the local seafood pack a mean punch and will leave your tastebuds craving more. 
We started with the Crispy Calamari. It was fried to perfection and included two sauces: Sirachia Aioli & Campari Chile. Both were to die for, it was honestly hard to decide which one to go for between each bite. 
Most of us started our entrees with their Caesar salad. I wasn’t starving so I skipped out on the starter salad but heard nothing but “yums” from the rest of the table. 
I was most excited about my entree – I ended up choosing the Cast Iron Blackened NC Mahi Mahi Filet served with white corn & edamame succotash, jumbo lump crab, and bacon vinaigrette. Can you say perfection? Not only was the fish cooked perfectly, but it was loaded with just the right amount of spice. The succotash helped cleanse the palette between cajun bites and accompanied the entree perfectly. Not to mention – the elegant presentation of each dish was second to none.
The chef is local Keith Rhodes. He first appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef. Since then, him & his wife opened Catch as a local spot hidden on busy Market Street on the way to downtown Wilmington. He was so humble, sweet, and soft spoken and even took the time to come out and chat with us after the amazing meal. It made us even more excited to support the local joint & what they are doing for Wilmington.
I can’t wait to go back. Though it is a pricier menu for more special occasions, I am already dreaming about all the locally caught picks (minus the salmon, caught in Maine). 
*Insert cravings for the lump crab cakes and pan roasted black grouper filet here*
Is your mouth watering yet?

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