Life Lately

During our weekly visit to Harris Teeter this past week all kinds of fresh spring blooms were on sale. Sarah and I chose a pretty bouquet of jade to liven up the apartment for Easter. Have I mentioned how much of an effect fresh flowers have on my mood? And only $4.00!
Last week I filed my own taxes. Now go back and re-read that statement because I am too proud to just have everyone read over it like its no big deal. It’s my first time “on my own” and Turbo Tax honestly made the process seamless. I highly recommend it for no questions asked taxes.
Tonight I am headed out to Old Navy to pick up this spring dress for our trip to the beach this weekend. I think it will go great with the DV for Target shoes I asked for for my birthday on Thursday. A Twine & Twig Necklace would really complete the outfit but I haven’t gotten around to picking one out yet. Everyone who knows me knows what a necklace girl I am!
This week is also my dad’s birthday. He is always the hardest one to shop for in the family. I am really exited about what I chose to get him this year. I found The Legend’s Club: Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano and an Epic College Basketball Rivalry which came out at the beginning of this month & bookmarked it with a check to the Miracle League of the Triangle, an organization he helped start in Raleigh. 
My parents picked up their new English Lab puppy today. Her name is Beasley and my mom described her as a “rolly poly” puppy taking a tumble at every incline. I know they are excited for the love ahead but still mourn the loss of their last pup back in May. 
I am beyond excited about the next couple of nights. Tomorrow night, me and my best girlfriends are trying out The Peculiar Rabbit in the Plaza Midwood area. The drink menu looks amazing and the food I have heard is great as well. Not to mention, with such pretty weather, their rooftop view is going to be a spectacular backdrop to the evening. Thursday Hayden is taking me to Copper for dinner. I LOVE Indian food and heard this is in the running for the best in NC. Friday we are headed to Figure 8 to spend time with family for the holiday. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my parents’ new little puppy!
What do you have planned for Easter Weekend?

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