Spend & Save: Grocery Store Edition

Some things are worth saving the extra couple of bucks, some things are DEFINITELY not worth the trouble. Over the past couple of years, I have learned from experience. 
Here’s what I have found:
Paper Towels
Bounty Huge Rolls – $23.00 for 12 Rolls
Unless you like using 18 sheets to clean up a small drop of water & going through 12 rolls in the time it takes to normally go through one – I recommend spending the extra couple of dollars to buy the brand name PTs over the store brand ones. *cough* Harris Teeter brand *cough* My favorite are Bounty HUGE rolls. They last forever and somehow still seem to fit in a standard paper towel holder. Magic.
Harris Teeter yourhome Napkins – $2.96 for 500
My name is Allie Withers and my favorite napkins are Harris Teeter brand. Weird, right? I think the reason is because they last forever. My roommate and I bought some about ummm 6 months ago and were still going strong. Don’t get me wrong, Ive never been a fancy napkin girl. Despite working in a China shop for 5 years, I still can’t bear the thought of having to wash & iron cloth napkins ever. So needless to say, these guys are worth every penny. Literally. 
Cleaning Products
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner in Lemon – $10.99 for Two
I would pay unthinkable amounts of money in order to keep my home clean. And willing to pay even more for it to smell clean. This AP cleans tough stains – from the floor to the oven, I am hooked and here to stay. It is so fresh smelling compared to the cheap chemical crap. 
Toilet Paper
Harris Teeter your home Bath Tissue – $6.47 for 12
Ok, now is when you probably question everything I have ever said but listen up – I tried the HT rolls and you cannot tell the difference from brand name TP. Don’t knock it until you try it, honestly because I wouldn’t be believing me either. You even get to choose what you like in a TP. Bet you’ve never even thought about that before, am I right? 
Angus Barn Cheese Crock – $18.00
Grocery store cheese is gross. And molds approximately 18 hours after you buy it. Spend the money to get the good stuff people! There is such an amazing selection of cheese these days – not just kinds anymore but brands. try them! Be the cool kid who brings the cool snack to the party! I don’t care if its string cheese, block cheese, sliced cheese. Spend the extra couple bucks and honestly, you’ll taste the difference.
Hummus – $3.99 & normally BOGO
Everyone loves some good hummus. Everyone does not love dropping $23,906 on it. Harris Teeter and other local groceries typically run their brand name hummus buy one get one free. Don’t be fooled! If they are running the promotion, they will give you ONE for HALF the price. They just don’t advertise it. So pick the yummy flavor and enjoy just as much as the one next door that costs $4.00 more and is made out of the same thing – chickpeas.
Magic Hat Variety Pack – $16.99
Cheap beer is for college kids. I can say that because I was a college kid last year and it just isn’t the same anymore. Once you move to a city where there are craft breweries on every corner you get spoiled, and the extra $$ is worth every sip. Instead of pretending to enjoy glorified carbonated water, really soak up the flavors of the different variety packs! You’ll be thankful you did. 
Double Dog Dare Wine – $3.99
I went to a wine tasting with a legit Sommelier. He said don’t spend over $30 on a bottle of wine. and that you CAN in fact find a decent one for $10.00 regardless of what your parents and their fancy friends tell you. I am a huge Cab girl and one of my staples is $4.00. No shame! I like what I like, and I’m saving $10.00 every time I buy one. Win. Win.

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