Weekend Recap

I was so thankful to have spent the weekend in Hampstead, North Carolina at one of my best friend’s beach houses. After 7 consecutive weekends in Charlotte, the timing couldn’t have been better – I was itching for some new scenery and the salted air cured that wanderlust.

After a five hour drive and some delicious Smithfield’s Chicken N Barbecue, we arrived late Friday night and immediately cracked open a beer and enjoyed each other’s company. There were four couples this trip – four of my five college roommates and each of our boyfriends. I am so thankful that everyone gets along so well. Each of our personalities are so incredibly different its like we all fit together like a puzzle, incomplete without a missing piece.

Saturday morning was a lazy one. We woke up groggy from the night before and took our time making hash brown casserole, eggs, & bacon to indulge in. They paired nicely with our Bloody Mary’s & Mimosas – nothing like a little hair of the dog, am I right?

Saturday afternoon was spent in downtown Wilmington, enjoying local beer at Front Street Brewery and walking around town enjoying the breezy but unbeatable weather. On our way back, the boys picked up kabob ingredients for dinner while the girls headed back to prep some appetizers. Yes – we did split up boys and girls during the car trips after the guys insisted on a “men car.” *eyeroll*

Saturday night another sweet college friend and her boyfriend joined us after a delicious grilled meal. We were so exhausted from the night before and the day’s adventures that Saturday night quickly turned in to an early to bed, early to rise one. Speaking of early to rise – I was the first one to do so and brewed a pot of coffee to enjoy on the dock before cleaning up and heading back to reality.

I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful scene to end the much needed weekend away. There is nothing quite as humbling as being able to sit and listen and enjoy what the Lord created for us and the friends that He so carefully chose to put in our lives.


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