February Birch Box Review

This past week I completely, 100% dedicated to my February Birch Box samples. Each day something about my complexion, hair, or normally minimal makeup routine was a little bit different. Here is what I thought (and loved) about this month’s samples. . .
If you haven’t tried a peel-off mask yet, this is me telling you that you’re missing out. Especially if you were one of those kids in elementary school who was extra messy with the Elmer’s glue just so that they would be able to  peel it off their fingers later on. The texture of this mask was originally not what I expected – it was clear and extremely sticky making it unlike any other to apply. After wiping the mask all over my facial complexion, it started to dry and about fifteen minutes later was completely transparent. The first peel was the hardest to begin; but after that one, I went to town pulling pieces both small and large. The next morning, my face was smooth as can be. In addition, I used the peel conveniently after getting an eyebrow wax. Normally, I begin to see breakouts & whiteheads pop up along my t-zone after the visit; however, with this exfoliating mask – absolutely none! Definitely an 8 out of 10 and I will be purchasing!
Notice the Stickiness
I was underwhelmed by this sample. As much as I love body lotions & creams, the sample was TEENY TINY especially if this is supposed to be used for my entire body. I ended up only being able to use it as a hand cream a couple of times. The product is light and fresh smelling which is nice. Its a silky smooth application and you can see how fluffy it looks by the below image. However, it was just a standard lotion – nothing special. Would I use it? Yes. Would I buy it? Nah. Especially for a steep $38.00 a jar. 
3. Arrow Revive Cooling Cheek Tint
If you’re a make-up amateur like me, liquid cheek color is about as intimidating as skiing down a black diamond your first time on the slopes. However, I couldn’t be happier with the easy application and subtle turnout of this product. The shade came out extremely bright and a little intimidating but rubbed in to a tinted pinky color that climbed up my cheekbone nicely. The tint lasted all day and I got so many compliments on its appearance. Highly recommended – and you can’t beat the price!
Morning – Right After Application
Evening – Right Before Heading Home from Work
I had never tried dry shampoo before (gasp!) so I was ecstatic to get some in this month’s Birch Box. It came in handy this week Thursday morning when it was a struggle to get out of bed – so much so that I missed the opportunity to wash my hair that morning. Braving the bedhead I separated my hair into three layers (similar to when I straighten it) and applied the dry shampoo, rustling it into my roots with my fingers after each spritz. I loved the results – it looked similar to a fresh wash in that my hair didn’t get unbearably greasy as the day went on. It was manageable, easy to apply, and saved me a good 25 minutes between washing, blowdrying, and styling. Cant wait to use it again!
$24.00 for Three
I. Am. Obsessed. Not only was the color of the lipstick perfect for my skintones, the matte is right on trend with whats out in the market right now. The lipstick is easy to apply and seamless day to night material. Not to mention, I again got so many compliments. I didn’t even have to reapply after breakfast either because the color stained my lips so well. Definitely purchasing!! and even wanting to try POP’s other products. 
Also – please don’t judge for the cheesy picture… 
#FTB (for the blog)
What are you looking forward to try?

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