Easiest Appetizer Ever

It’s hard to think of “fresh” food without summer’s colorful farmer’s markets. However, if you need a quick, affordable, delicious snack/appetizer/side dish/all the above – you have GOT to try this guacamole. Even with avocados that weren’t quite ripe enough to use (oops, I admit it) this simple recipe turned out to be a hit during last night’s big game. Enjoy!
– 4 Avocados
– 1 Small Tomato – cubed
– 1/2 Red Onion – chopped, the smaller the better
– Lime Juice
– Salt (I used sea salt, I swear its so much better)
– Tortilla Chips
1. Peel the avocados, discard skin and pit. Smash avocados in mixing bowl
2. Add cubed tomato & diced onion
3. Add lime juice generously
4. Add sea salt
5. Taste – adjust lime juice & sea salt to your liking
6. Mix & Serve!
I served this batch with Tostitos – Hint of Lime. So crisp & delicious. 
I also recommend Trader Joe’s tortilla chips – shown below (for tasting, of course!)

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