January Birch Box Review

Another month, another Birch Box! Though I wasn’t as passionate about the products in this month’s box as I was the last – I still have had the opportunity to sample some great products. Here are my thoughts on what I got to try this time:
I am always so anxious to try new cleansers. The treatment part of the beauty business has always interested me much more than the color side. I was immediately impressed by the freshness of this cleanser. It is extremely light and airy and smells like summer break. Because of this, I would recommend it more for summer months. I liked the cleanser, didn’t love it and it seemed to dry my skin out a little more than others I’ve used. On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a five. 
I have actually had the opportunity to try this eyeliner before. It is easy to use but be forewarned that it doesn’t last as long as typical eyeliner does in regards to number of uses. I am TERRIBLE at applying eyeliner so I appreciate the smoothness and easy use of the product. However, I am choosing not to purchase the product as it tends to smudge and come off by the end of the day. 
Ok, I have to admit I completely forgot this was in my box until I sat down to write my reviews (oops!) However, after reading up about it I think that this might be my favorite sample to try this month. I mean….just read the effects of the product and you’ll be jumping out of your seat to try it too! “microdermabrasion…breaking down dead skin cells to even skintone…crystals to fade the appearance of fine lines & acne scars” count. me. in.
I don’t know what is up with all the exclamations in product names this month but they must just be really excited about their products! Before now, I had never tried the infamous CC cream & BB creams before. However, it came just in time as a monster appeared to take over my forehead. I carefully applied the CC cream after my base powder foundation and before my finishing powder for complete coverage. The blemish was gone within 24 hours. I was really impressed by the healing performance of a color product. Two Birds, One Stone for BrightenUp! I will say though it is a lot pricier than other CC/BB creams my friends use – buy & use sparingly.
My name is Allie Withers and I am a chronic straightener. Ok, now that that confession is out of the way, you know why products like this are so important for me. My hair takes so much heat (hehe, no pun intended) from me Im surprised it hasn’t fallen out in protest by now. I really enjoyed Beauty Protector! The smell is out of this world – though it’s super sweet smelling (think Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle perfume) it almost makes it more enjoyable. After use, my hair is noticeable more smooth and thanking me for the coat of armor versus the daily blow dry and straightener routine. This is the product this month that’s on my list for purchase!


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