Snow Day Like A Snow Day

I survived Snowpocolypse 2016. Sorta. Tuesday afternoon I got a phone call that my apartment had flooded. It wasn’t your typical bottom to top flood but instead one that went top to bottom. The apartment above mine’s water pipes had burst and because I live in such a small complex, it wasn’t realized until hours (and a completely ruined apartment) later. 
My roommate and I spent plenty of nights in a hotel while the repairs started. After excessive eating out, picking out a new mattress, and mooching off of friend’s for a couple of nights…I am finally back home! On an air mattress… (insert slit eyes & mouth emoji here).
Considering I didn’t have a home to cuddle up in during the storm I would say I made the most of what I did have. Unfortunately though the office was closed on Friday, I spent a majority of the day working, with a quick lunch hiatus to fit in a good workout. We ended the snow (ice?) day at Sycamore Brewery – a staple for every weekend’s plans. I enjoyed a couple Timburrrrrr Lagers (approporiate, right?) before heading back to my friend’s apartment for a frozen pizza, salad, and an embarrassing amount of episodes of Making a Murderer. Those nights are always so underrated.
Saturday morning was beautiful. Now that the snow and ice had passed, it lay on Charlotte like a that blanket you always tend to choose over all the others. Wow, worked way too hard on that metaphor…but you get what I mean. We enjoyed the scenery with a nearly two an a half mile walk in South End. I was in awe by the serenity of the snow, the cold, and the city. 
After heading back to the apartment for a break, we decided “wow, that was really good for our health, lets go completely cancel it out with a dank lunch at Mac’s Speed Shop.” OK, maybe it didn’t go like that, but needless to say, it happened. And every. single. bite. was worth it. Mac’s is one of my favorite’s in Charlotte. I have yet to find another restaurant that serves green bean casserole as a side (I know, life changing, right?) so that’s reason enough to eat there. For those of you who choose not to eat the most delicious God given dish on the planet, their BBQ, Mac & Cheese, and sauces are to die for as well. I really want to go back and try the ribs.
We ended the evening with a visit to Triple C, another great brewery in South End, Charlotte. Their Zest A-Peel brew is my favorite, but their IPA is well known by locals as well. I wasn’t as impressed with the beer this go around (mine was lukewarm, bleh) but the band was killin’ it with 90s hits (think Hey, Jealousy & Slide) and atmosphere was busy enough to feel like a cool kid without being so busy you inhaled your drink so fast for an excuse to leave. 
Sunday has been spent cleaning, dusting, wiping, and scrubbing the disgusting, pieced back together apartment. With sheetrock everywhere from the repairs, it has been a marathon rather than a sprint to finish. . .with about 10 miles of the race to go. 
Here’s to a new week, a new bed (it’s being delivered tomorrow, Ill be sure to review!), and a Panther’s win (hoping this won’t jinx the game tonight…) 
What did you do during your snow day?

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