December Birch Box Review

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was a year long subscription to Birch Box. Though I had continuously heard the raving reviews about the monthly box that delivers samples available for purchase right to your door – I never knew everything that went behind it! From the personalization to the online Birch Box shop I am beyond impressed!
First thing’s first, the packaging for the delivery was adorable. I couldn’t wait to immediately break in to see my samples but felt crazy doing so because I didn’t want to ruin it! I have to admit – I did save the box to use for wrapping presents in the future – it was literally too cute to throw away.
As far as the products go, I was extremely impressed! Though I will not be purchasing all of them as I don’t necessarily use some of the kinds of products sent to me – there are two that I am definitely hooked on. Here is the skinny on this month’s product:
Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm – $16.50
I was especially excited to see some intense lip balm in this box as the weather is finally starting to cool down. With the change, my lips are constantly screaming for moisture. After using Dr. Lipp a few mornings, I didn’t necessarily notice any difference to any other balm. No sudden changes, no extra shine, just pretty…average.
Soap & Paper Factory Shea Butter Hand Cream – $18.00
Now this is what I call a compelling sample. The packaging is adorable, smell is mesmerizing, texture is light and to top it all off – the hand cream is effective! I am always intimidated by “shea butter” because normally the consistency is both thick and sticky but NOT THIS! Highly recommend for your purse pocket. I have become addicted and will be purchasing this ASAP. I received the Green Tea sample and love it but could definitely be in to trying any of the other flavors. I am already brand loyal.
Eyes Fat Liquid Eyeliner – $16.00
At first I was intimidated by the thickness of this product. I am new to the eyeliner game and definitely not the most skilled when it comes to the application; however I was able to apply this no problems! It looked great for a dramatic New Year’s Eve eye. Because of the size, its definitely more of a night look and I wouldn’t be able to rock it to work but would recommend for bold gals interested in a rockin’ night out eye! Though I won’t be purchasing this product, I am extremely impressed with the full size product included in the Birch Box and the price for such quality!
Smash box Photo Finish Foundation Primer – $36.00
WARNING: I am a primer snob. I am obsessed with my Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer so when I saw this, I knew it was going to be hard to like. I did muster up the courage to try the primer and wasnt impressed – especially for the price. The primer was sticky. Though some people like to feel the product working, I am not one of them and was immediately unimpressed. While this might not be the product for me, I know many who use it! You never know until you try!
Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume – $100.00
Psych. It’s a perfume. And I would be lying if I said that didn’t trip me up at first too. BUT I saved the best review for last because I AM OBSESSED with this perfume. I can honestly say I have never bought a perfume for myself in my life but this will most definitely be the first and it will be worth every dang penny. The scent of this perfume is extremely light, airy, and clean. I cannot stop sniffing the small sample we were given and am dreading it is almost gone already. Can’t wait to get my full size in the mail!
So – there you have it! I will be buying some hand cream & perfume this month and though it’ll cost me I know I won’t have buyer’s remorse (a common theme in my life) because I have had the chance to sample the products. So – cheers to you Birch Box! Its been a fantastic start to the year!

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