Small Updates, Big Changes

Happy New Year to my sweet followers! This is my public declaration and promise to maintain my blog better now that the hectic holidays are over. It actually goes hand in hand with my New Years Resolutions. Though I have never been one to make them, this year I am trying to complain less and to take more pictures. What does this have to do with my blog, you ask? 
My blog gives me the outlet and opportunity to complain less. It inspires me to post on what I love the most and to look for subjects that, though small, bring big joy to my day to day life. In addition, more pictures will make for more interesting posts. Here’s to trying new things in 2016!
I spent the afternoon making two simple changes to my room that made HUGE differences to its appearance. Not only were these updates easy and not at all time consuming but they were so inexpensive as well!
The first was updating my shower hooks. Don’t ask me why but until now, I was using the white plastic hooks that continuously change color due to the humidity and are such an eye sore to an already dull bathroom. I found some simple, silver shower hooks at Home Goods that I knew would make the biggest difference. Not to mention – the set was only $5.99! 
Though Home Goods doesn’t sell online due to their wide & limited variety of products. Here are some similar hooks for your home: Amazon Silver Chrome S HooksBed Bath & Beyond Nickel Bail Shower HooksHome Depot Moen Shower Curtain Rings
The second quick update I executed was a simple reorganization of my jewelry. Ever since I went off to college I have stored all of my jewelry in a hanging organizer I got for high school graduation – and no, that is not a mistake, HIGH SCHOOL.
That changed today when I invested in two matching jewelry organizers, also from home goods and covered the top drawer of my dresser, located in my closet, into my jewelry heaven. I am a statement necklace girl if you have ever met one so though those did not fit in the drawer, simple necklaces, bracelets, rings, and all earrings did. There was even room to store my traveling jewelry cases. 
My statement pieces still reside on an elk antler found during my summer in Moose, Wyoming. It acts as both decoration and organization above my dresser. The picture doesn’t do the antler any justice, it is one of my favorite pieces I own.
As far as the workout headbands go, they have their own point on the antler. Now that my top drawer of my dresser is all jewelry, I now have to figure out a place for my hats. Thinking another cool hook to the small wall space on the right will be a good place! Until then, they will have to rest on top of counter.
Want to organize a jewelry drawer yourself? Here are some items similar to my finds!
Jewelry Drawer Organization:
Unique Jewelry Decor:
What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Perhaps, to get more organized 🙂


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