Christmas Wish List

I have already compiled my Christmas Wish List this year. While I hate to think I am one of those people already thinking about the next holiday when Thanksgiving hasn’t even occurred yet, I am justifying it by saying I am giving them both my equal attention and excitement. Something about being stuck in an office all day everyday five days a week is already making this holiday season much more special. Here is what I am asking for this Christmas!
Athleta Running Leggings

I love getting workout clothes for Christmas because they are something I rarely buy myself. Not to mention, I wear them almost every day of the week so practicality is definitely a plus!

Roberta Roller Rabbit Pom-Pom Necklace
I saw one of my friends wearing this necklace in the spring and I still can’t stop thinking about it! It would be so easy to throw on with a cute dress or simple T. 
Birch Box

Being in cosmetics has opened my eyes to countless new products. My favorite part is the surprise that comes with each sample which is why the thought of a Birch Box is one of the gifts I am most excited about on my list! I had no idea they now do Birch Box for guys too – such a great gift idea for the picky, hard to shop for man!

Swell Water Bottle

I have heard nothing but good things about these water bottles that keep cold drinks cold and hot ones hot for countless hours. I am so pumped to get my own to try it for myself. Really hoping this will get me to drink more water throughout the day too! I am also loving Swell’s collaboration with Mara Hoffman. If that’s not your style there are plenty more to choose from!

Starbucks Gift Card
Or really any coffee gift card! I look forward to the one day of the week I choose to spoil myself with some good Starbucks, Caribou, Breugger’s, or Dunkin Donuts coffee. Something about a little cardboard cup to warm your hands in the winter just makes me happy which is why these are always my favorite stocking stuffers. 
Glam Glow Mud Facial Set
I had never even heard of Glam Glow until last week. After doing a little research, I cannot wait to try this! I am in love with the Origins Charcoal Mask I blogged about a couple of weeks ago so I can only imagine how much I would enjoy these! The best part is the opportunity to sample each before splurging on my favorite. 
I have been looking for a good work coat now that the weather has been getting cooler and I have been watching this one for about a week. Unfortunately, my sizes have sold out in the Camel (the color I wanted) but hoping one of you all will be able to find yours!
What’s on your Christmas list this year?

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