Weekend Recap

Isn’t it crazy that it’s only Monday and I am already counting down the hours until Wednesday at noon when I get to hit the road back home to Raleigh? I think it was because I had such a fun weekend it was just a taste of what is going to come this Thanksgiving weekend.
I spent Friday night enjoying my boyfriend’s parents’ company in Charlotte. We enjoyed a delicious beer at my favorite brewery in Charlotte, Sycamore Brewing Company & walked to dinner right around the corner at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Though there are three or four now, I don’t consider this restaurant a chain – it is incredble! Though I normally stick to a chicken dish (the fried chicken is incredible!) or a veggie plate (fried okra – yes, please!), I tried their burger this time and was blown away by the “secret sauce.” 
Saturday was an early morning as we needed to be on the road to Athens by 8:30am. I was lucky enough to be included in the celebratory tailgate for Hayden’s brother’s engagement. Since the two met at UGA and love football, it was a no brainer they chose to celebrate with some good food, beer & football. Since I had never been to Athens before, I was so excited to see where a lot of my friends had spent their college lives! 
In order to stay awake on the road, Caribou was a must. Their coffee is my favorite – even over Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. The fact that the holiday coffee cups are out make it taste even better. Next time you stop by Caribou, try your typical plain coffee with a half shot of hazelnut & half shot of vanilla – the barista recommended it to be once and I have become obsessed!
We ended up arriving in Athens just after noon. The day was spent meeting friends & family of the happy couple, eating some delicious Georgia BBQ, sipping on mimosas & tailgate beer, and enjoying the first of cool, fall weather. It actually turned out to be a cold day! Though everyone split up for the 7:30 game, we enjoyed the Georgia win nonetheless. 
After I returned to Charlotte around noon on Sunday (another early morning!) I could not help but take advantage of the perfect weather. My roommate and I enjoyed a four mile walk along the greenway just around the corner from our apartment. The proximity to the trail is honestly one of my favorite things about where I live.
 After a nice walk, we got to work cleaning the apartment for Friendgiving that we were hosting later that evening. I cannot recommend this enough! Even after a packed & exhausting weekend, ending it surrounded by my best friends made the thought of Monday not so dreadful. We drank wine, enjoyed each other’s dishes and talked for hours. I did not want anyone to leave but went to bed feeling so lucky to be surrounded by such fun and genuine girls. Let’s just say my heart was as full as my belly.  I promise the older I get, the better my friendships become. 
Now that Monday is over there’s only a day and a half of work separating me and my family. Something about the smell of fall (I know its weird, but one of my favorite things), the anticipation of family, and the thought of endless green bean casserole has me wanting Thanksgiving more than ever this year. I can’t wait to spend time with my parents, get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, and end the weekend with a Wolfpack win (hopefully!). 
Thoughts for Thanksgiving:

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