Thoughts this Week

1. I never really like to wear new clothes right away. Usually, when I buy something it means I really REALLY like it and want to save it to debut on an extra special day. This week, we had a both equally important and large vendor meeting on Wednesday, so I decided to break out the Sam Edelman skirt I got such a deal on this past weekend. I was really pleased with the purchase! I ended up wearing it with a J. Crew navy, long-sleeve shirt (old) and my Korks Booties from Christmas last year. I felt comfortable and stylish – win, win!
Sam Edelman Skirt (sold out) – Korks Booties – J. Crew Shirt (old)
2. Isn’t it crazy that sometimes the simplest things have the greatest effects on your mood? For example, I got ready earlier than normal Wednesday morning so I had time to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and read The Skimm before rushing out the door for work on time. Even the presence of my breakfast was precious. Days that start like that are ALWAYS better days. 
3. I ordered The Newlywed Cookbook this week to take as a congratulatory gift for my boyfriend’s brother and his new fiancee this weekend during their engagement celebration. It was a book that sold out almost instantly at Quintessentials, the gifts & bridal registry shop I worked at for 5 years in Raleigh. I ordered the cookbook Monday night on Amazon with an estimated delivery of yesterday, (Wednesday) afternoon. When I track the package it says that it has been delivered; however, I have not seen it show up at my apartment. Has this ever happened to anyone? Does anyone know what to do when this occurs? 
4. I was really impressed with Belk’s beauty instagram this week. It was very “mod” compared to their normal stereotypical image and made me instantly want to go find the nail polish and beauty blender featured in the post! 
5. Thanksgiving is just a week away! And you know what that means – Christmas music! Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that Christmas music is my favorite genre. It is absolutely impossible to listen to it and avoid a good mood. Check out my favorites on my Spotify playlist! Stay tuned after Thanksgiving for some of the gift ideas I have jumped on this season for my family, friends, & coworkers. 
Thoughts for the weekend:


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