Where I Think The Best

I know, I know I wrote about running last night too. But, if you haven’t noticed already it’s one of my guilty love/hate obsessions. Because of the combination between the time change and working late hours due to the holiday maddess (I do work in retail, you know!), my exercise has consisted of many late night runs recently. While most people dread the thought of blind exercise the moment they get home from a long day, I have actually started to enjoy it. Even when its drizzling outside. 
Maybe it is the rebellion. 
The fact that we weren’t allowed to be out past dark as children or the fact that most are afraid of the dark. Running in the night gives you a sense of empowerment due to the fact that it almost feels like you’re doing something wrong without actually doing something wrong. 
Maybe it is the serenity. 
Fighting the 6 o’clock crowd at the gym and circling the parking lot for fifteen minutes just to find a parking spot in time to wait in line for the next free elliptical is 100% avoided. Most of the time, during dark runs you don’t even pass a fellow runner. That gives you time to focus on where your mind wanders. Whether its getting lost in the music, daydreaming about your plans for the weekend, or simply not thinking at all – the peacefulness of having nowhere to be with nothing else to do is extremely gratifying. 
Maybe it is the quiet. 
Sometimes, during a dark run, I don’t even listen to music. This is my therapy. When you’re doing something mindless, your thoughts automatically go to what is most important. Is it the deadline you worked all day to meet tomorrow? No, because you got that done beforehand. Is it something special or extra you might be able to do or even simply want to do for those that mean the most to you? Absolutely. Because that is what is most important. 
Maybe it is the lack of schedule. 
Dark runs happen at night. In the dark. After you have completed your seemingly endless checklist for the day and set up for tomorrow. There’s no pressure to get done in time to shower for work. It is always more peacful participating in something that does not have a strict timeframe or deadline. It allows you to enjoy the moment more rather than allowing your mind to wander onto the next line on the to do list. 
Maybe it is the activity. 
After sitting all day in front of a computer, I can’t think of anything else I would rather do than take in the cool, fall fresh air. The perfect compliment is the aerobic exercise which requires deep breathing. It allows you to focus not only on the breathing but even more on the exercise that is requiring you to do so. You’re doing good for your mind and your body. What more could you want? 
Maybe I am crazy or alone on this one, but night runs are not all bad when you really deep dive into them. Come to think of it, this post would not have even happened without one. Train your brain to see the good in each situation or you are going to find yourself secretly grateful for the time that is flying by rather than regretting not making the most of it. 
Where do you think the best?

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