Saturday Shopping

My mom came to town this weekend to attempt to start the holiday shopping. I was so beyond excited to see her when she got here yesterday morning. Though the mall was a complete mad house, we were able to get some GREAT deals on some gifts and even treat ourselves. Here is what I got away with this weekend . . .
We started in the Designer section, scouring the floor for some great clearance deals as Belk was having an extra 10% off clearance items. My first purchase was this Sam Edelman skirt. Though it was originally $99.00, I ended up getting it for $9.00. And no, you didnt read that wrong. $9.00!
I can’t find the skirt anywhere online for sale. But I did manage to come across a crappy shot of it! I will be sure to post a better picture this week once I get the chance to wear it!
Sam Edelman Bohemian Rhapsody Skirt
Originally $99.00, I got for $9.00
I also found a great tunic/dress. I honestly debated getting it because it was a little shorter than what I normally wear to work but could’nt resist how cute it was. I am thinking with some navy tights and booties this will be the perfect fall go-to outfit!
Originally $158.00, I got for $48.50

I have also been looking for some great black work shoes. I have found myself borrowing my roommates a little two much as the temperatures start to cool Originally, I was on the hunt for the Antelope Booties I posted about before. However, I came across a GREAT pait of Kenneth Cole Reaction booites I liked on a little bit better. They are more versatile when it comes to jeans as well as dresses.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Time Out Bootie

 Originally $89.00, I got for $29.00
Finally, since I knew all clearance items were an additional 10% off, I decided to venture into the unknown world of the Belk Clearance shoe room. Boy, was I surprised! I found these great French Connection heels. They had both nude and black, when I tried both on and stared down at my feet puzzled, a sweet man waiting on his wife to make her decision told me that if I wanted a man’s decision, than to get the black. I took it as a sign of course 🙂 They look a lot better on than in the picture, so I will be sure to post a picture this week. Get them before they are gone! Southpark had a TON left.
Originally $130.00, I got for $25.00

We also stopped into Gap on our way out of the mall. They were having a promotion where you had a peel off card to reveal a surprise. I got lucky with 30% off my purchase so I just could’nt let that go to waste! Now that the weather is getting cooler, I knew I needed two things – warm bottoms I could wear to work and warm workout clothes that could withstand the cold weather during an early morning or late night run.
Gap Velvet Side Zip Pull-On Leggings
Originally $59.95, I got for $41.00

GapFit Breathe Stripe Crewneck
Originally $34.95, I got for $17.12

 Overall, I am pretty dang pleased with my weekend deals! Where did you score yours?

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