What I’m Loving . . . Aveda Hair Products

I have hair that anyone in the 80s would kill for. 2015? Not so much. That is why a great stylist, brush and products are beyond important to me!
Since I moved to Charlotte I was forced to leave my favorite salon in Raleigh. Salon Blu was my home for many, many years. Their chic interior, incredible staff, and unbeatable prices kept me coming back about every four months. I even made an appointment for when I return home for Thanksgiving!
Now that I am in a different city, I tried Carmen! Carmen! salon located in the Belk in South Park Mall. I have never tried an Aveda salon before but decided to give it a go! Boy, I could not be happier. Since I have thick hair that gets greasy if I don’t wash it everyday, I need product that isn’t too harsh. One that can control the grease, protect from the heat of my much needed flat iron, and keep the moisture now that the temperatures are starting to get cold. Wow – I am demanding!
The stylist recommended Shampure. It is a gentle formula a-ok for everyday use. The scent is extremely fresh and smoothing and the conditioner has made my hair softer and smoother than ever! Though I choose to alternate between this and another shampoo/conditioner every day, I definitely could use this daily and maintain my maine. 
Aveda Shampure Shampoo & Conditioner
Since a flatiron is a necessity as my hair has a mind of its own, the stylist at Carmen! Carmen! also recommended Damage Remedy – Daily Hair Repair. I can visibly notice the lessening split ends from the consistent heat. I can also notice the control the product has on my hair – bye bye fly aways!
There is one Aveda product I have used for as long as I can remember and that is their wooden paddle brush. I had my first one for years and finally replaced it about a month ago when the bristles started to fall out. This brush is smooth on the inevitable knots after a quick rinse off but gentle enough to smooth my hair with a quick run through after errands. It keeps my hair straight, smooth, and under control.
Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush
What are your hair maintenance must haves?

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