Weekend Recap

Having a full time job makes you appreciate the weekends so much more – especially the ones with no set plans. I enjoyed my downtime this weekend and made the most of some much needed errands. 
Friday night I met up with two of my best girlfriends I have made here in Charlotte at Ru San’s. They are famous for their unique sushi so we definitely had to try. I tried a “Cosmo Sakitini” while we waited for our table – I’m not going to lie, it tasted a little like cheap wine. As far as the meal went, we tried the edamame for an app – always delicious! I ordered the baked salmon roll for dinner, it was decent, but definitely not the best sushi I have ever had. It was definitely warm and a little too much salmon for me. Completely forgot to snap a picture but I definitely prefer Cowfish to Ru San’s. If anyone has any other sushi favorites in the area please let me know!
Saturday was a recovery day. After a long night at Ri Ra’s – I needed a day to rest, relax and recover. Splurged on my guilty pleasure at Duckworth’s for lunch. Their grilled chicken caesar wrap and homemade chips are to die for – highly recommend them for good bar food and one of the best beer selections in Charlotte!
Saturday afternoon was spent running errands. I had run out of foundation so I headed to Bare Minerals to restock. I was pleased to finally see their holiday collection in person – the sizes are HUGE and the pictures in the emails do not do them justice. I got double the amount of foundation for only $12 more than the typical size. I also restocked on their original primer. If you haven’t tried Bare Minerals, you are missing out! They were the first makeup brand I sat down with the Beauty Advisor to have them teach me all the tricks. Their products are simple with so many less ingredients than regular makeup products. It does wonders to my skin, which, as I have mentioned before, is quite difficult at times!
bareMinerals Deluxe Original Foundation – Holiday Edition
Bare Minerals was also running a promotion this weekend. They were giving out either a mini lipstick, lip gloss, or eye shadow palette with any foundation purchase. Since I don’t normally wear eyeshadow and have lip glosses galore, I chose the lipstick. I am already hooked! The color is amazing and I have yet to try a lipstick that lasts so long. Drinking glass approved!
Saturday night, Hayden and I went to see Spectre, the new James Bond movie. I have never been a huge fan, but he is a die hard Bondie so of course we had to see it the weekend it came out! I was honestly surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. Though it was a little confusing at times, I enjoyed the plot twists and acting. The music was definitely my favorite part though. James Bond movies always have the best scores!
The Sam Smith song was also really good! Check it out!
We spent Sunday morning at church. I love going to the 8:45 service because you still have the rest of the day once you get home. I went on a long, much needed run, grabbed some groceries and headed to Peppermint Forrest with some friends. They claimed to be the “largest Christmas store in the southeast.” I was impressed the place had live music by the sweetest gentleman! It was so fun searching around for Christmas knick knacks already. If you can’t tell – it is by far my favorite holiday and I am counting down the minutes until I get to hear my favorite Christmas tunes on the radio.
Back to reality now that tomorrow is Monday! I don’t have many plans for the week because it will definitely be a busy one at work. Hoping to get to the gym a few times. There is nothing like finishing the day with a great workout – my favorite recently is Athletic Conditioning at the YMCA. 
Words of Encouragement for the week:

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