I wanted to share some new snacks I have found and can’t stop munching on recently. . .
Who knew TJ Maxx had such good snacks? Sure, they are my go to when I want a new fall sweater or lamp for the bedroom but food?! I know, I know you’re probably thinking . . . gross. But I am telling you, these snacks are addicting.
Almond Pops with Blueberries
These were on sale for only $3.99. They are selling for $16.00 on Amazon. And no – they weren’t expired when I bought them – haha! These are guilt free, only 180 calories per serving. They are also super satisfying and come in multiple flavors. I bought the blueberry, but Amazon shows they also have Cranberry, Cashew, Mango, and more.
Naked Granola
I am a granola snob. I eat it probably four or five days a week whether its breakfast, lunch, or snack. While I originally grabbed this as an impulse buy when I was checking out, I never want to buy another type of granola again. Naked Granola is moist, fresh, and healthy! Taste of Maine is my favorite, but I’m on my second bag of Taste of California now. 100% organic, 1000% tasty.
What have you been snacking on?

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