Restaurant Review – Nolen Kitchen

I was excited to finally have the opportunity to try Nolen Kitchen last Thursday. I have heard nothing but wonderful things from Charlotte locals about the atmosphere, drinks, and most importantly – the food. I was not disappointed!
We started with Zucchini Chips because our server recommended them so highly. Boy, was she right! They tasted like a lighter pickle chip with twice the flavor. The chips were absolutely delicious plain and even better in the house taziki sauce. Just writing about them makes me want them again right this minute.
When it came to the menu, I had a hard time choosing. The asterisk next to the spinach pie ended up choosing for me. It told of a little girl, Libby, who, when battling lukemia at just 3 years old, craved Nolen Kitchen’s Spinach Pie after her treatments. How could I resist?
I definitely want to return to try the bacon wrapped meatloaf or pork tenderloin. Maybe next time my parents are in town – they would adore the hanging lights and warm, outdoor fireplace. Nothing accompanies a glass of Cabernet better. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Nolen Kitchen an 11! Plus, restaurants are always so much sweeter when there is something to celebrate.
Where should we head on our next date night?

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