Weekend Recap

I was beyond excited to go back to Raleigh this weekend – both to spend time with friends/family and to have the opportunity to watch some good football in this perfect weather!
I cannot stop listening to Adele’s new song . . . it was on repeat the whole drive. Her voice is incredible and I cant wait to purchase the CD. She’s truly got something special!
Hello – Adele
Since I got back later than expected Friday, I decided to take it easy and get some sleep for the Clemson VS. NCSU game on Saturday. I headed out to the tailgates around 11:30 and spent some time with good friends I hadn’t seen since graduation. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet up with everyone I wanted to see before I headed over to my parent’s tailgate!
Despite the loss, the game was so much better than any NC State fan would have expected. Putting up 41 points against Clemson, #3 in the country, is a win in itself! 
Sunday morning we played hooky from church (oops!) and spent our time at the Junior League of Raleigh’s Shopping Spree. This event is filled with cute, diverse vendors from all over. It truly sparks the holiday spirit – I am already buying Christmas gifts, can you believe it?!
Check out these cute necklaces! I love the way the vendor used doorknobs and old wood to display them. My purchases consisted of some delicious winter soups & dips, jewelry cleaner, “The Giving Moose” for my nieces, and some secret surprises I can’t disclose 🙂
I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already – where do the weekends go? 

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