My Favorite Pinterest Workouts

I didn’t realize how great I had it in college. With a full service gym a quick 8 minute walk away, only 16 credit hours & a part time job, it was never a problem finding the time to fit in a good workout at least four times a week.

Now that I have started my time as an adult in the real world, working out has become more than a hobby – it is a necessity. Spending 50 hours at a desk a week has proven a challenge for my brain and my routine. By the time I get home from work, change, head to the gym, return home, cook dinner, eat, & shower – its time for bed! When plans with friends start to happen – the gym isn’t even an option. Sound familiar? Keep Reading . . .

Luckily, Pinterest has given me endless opportunities to find time to fit in a quick workout at home and has diminished the excuse “I don’t have time for the gym.” Whether you have 10 minutes or a good, full hour to devote, here is a list of my tried & true Pinterest workouts that will give you the full body workout you didn’t even have to leave your house to compete.

Tracy Anderson’s Standing Arm Workout 
(I dare you to try and get through this without taking a break!)

Legs: Slimming Legs Chair Workout

While it might not be the sweat drenching workout you crave, ANYTHING is better than nothing at all, am I right? 


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